Blogging and Finding My Why

Hello and welcome!  Outside of the message explaining my blog, this is the first official entry!  I can’t tell you how excited I am to share my thoughts and perspectives with you and learn more about what drives your interests and passions as well.  Please feel free to message me and engage at any point.

I’d like to give you a little background on how this whole project came about.  I love to write.  Plain and simple.  Writing has been the inspiration that has sustained me through every experience in life.  Truly.  It was my comfort through times of trauma and of course, teenage angst.  It’s been my refuge when trying to make sense of life.  My solace when coping with pains beyond my comprehension.  The only voice I could find when my own failed me.  Unfortunately, I convinced myself early on that I couldn’t make a career with writing.  I focused on different paths, always hoping that one day, everything would align, and the gift of a successful writing career would fall in my lap.

Stifled by a poor self-image and countless insecurities, I think deep down I just believed I could never write a masterpiece worthy of anyone’s attention.  Fortunately, my perspective on that has shifted dramatically.  I don’t have to write a masterpiece to share my heart and soul with you!

I saw a title of a book years ago, Here I am Lord, Send Somebody Else by: Jill Briscoe.  I thought the title was clever and cute and so relatable.  I haven’t read it, yet I feel like I can empathize with it on many levels.  I feel this empathy most when it comes to writing.  Writing is my baby.  I have so many interests, but when an idea takes hold, it fulfills me in a way no other outlet has been able to.  For years I’ve struggled with how to share my love of writing.  Inspiration never struck.  I tried my hand here and there and felt like no one would ever want to waste their time reading my forced words.  So here, I had this perceived talent, definite passion, but thought surely there was someone better equipped to be sent for the task?

I recently returned from a vacation and it occurred to me that one of my favorite things to do on vacation is journal about each day.  It’s been something I’ve done for years, sometimes with purpose, sometimes as just random musings.  I want to capture each moment, savor each memory.  Record them indefinitely so if I never find my way back to that land, I will always remember who I was when I was there and what spoke to my spirit at that time and that place.

The poetic side of me feels that each place you visit, each new goal you set, each new activity, diet, hobby you attempt, forever alters your sense of self in some way.  It may be minute; but something shifts in your comprehension of who you are, your world view, what you’re capable of, and an element of naivety is laid to rest.  I have so much on my heart to share.

My vacation journaling led me to realize that when I have the opportunity to choose how to spend my time, writing is where I find my authentic self.  On a different vacation, not so long ago, I bombarded the world of Facebook with pictures of my trip to London.  Someone made a comment that really resonated with me.  I knew this person to be a loving, generous, and kind friend.  She suffers with a chronic illness that prevents her from travelling far from her community, much less across the globe.  I don’t recall the exact statement, but it was something along the lines of, “I love seeing London through your eyes.  Thank you for sharing all of this because I will never be able to make that trip.” I spoke with her later, she sincerely meant the words she’d posted.

This really caught my attention because quite honestly, I was sure I was annoying all my Facebook friends with an incessant barrage of pictures.  My self-image struggles enough that I constantly feel like, why would anybody care about what I’m experiencing?  I posted the pictures anyway so I wouldn’t lose them if something happened to my phone.  I figured, if people weren’t interested, they could easily keep scrolling.

For the record, I’m learning with each passing day how freeing it can be to start doing things for myself instead of trying to accommodate everyone.  You can never accommodate everyone, but you can always make even one choice a day that fuels your spirit.  My sincerest hope is that my words inspire you in some way to make those choices that resonate within you.

Back to the story, my friend’s innocent comment made me realize my sharing doesn’t have to be viewed as self-indulgent or excessive.  We are a culture who is thriving on shared experiences and creativity.  Perhaps someone who is unable to make a trip can enjoy a moment shared.  Perhaps someone who travels often may be inspired to visit a new place or try a new experience.  We all bring a different set of perspectives and perceptions to the table.  I didn’t really start planning a blog until recently, but I realize that the seed of inspiration took hold from that comment.

As I’ve continued to develop, I’ve had so many questions…and for the first time in my life, they were quickly followed by inspired answers.

Why do I think I could write a travel blog, up until recently I hadn’t traveled anywhere unique in years? Aren’t so many people far more professional and creating more enticing experiences? 

Newsflash!  Technically, nowhere is unique!!  Simultaneously, every place is unique!  If you go to an inhabited area, there is a community of people who may or may not love the place, but it definitely is not an undiscovered realm to them, only to you.  I began to realize, I have a land of beauty right outside my front door.  I can drive anywhere from fifteen minutes to two and a half hours away and find breathtaking hiking trails, lush with natural beauty or several bustling cities with endless activities, restaurants, and enticing venues.  My local world has so much to offer that I realized quickly, even without big, exotic trips, there is a lot of life to be shared and celebrated in the Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati and surrounding areas.

But, I’m not sure I want to be limited to travel writing?  I have so many interests, hobbies, and they’re always evolving, how can I share so much yet leave so much of myself out?

Guess what??  There’s a concept called a lifestyle blog.  Seriously, who is the boss here?  No one, not even me!  I have the freedom and liberty to write about whatever I’m inspired to share.  For me, if my message gives you a moment to: pause, consider, learn something new, try something new, create something new, believe in yourself more, feel entertained, feel comforted, feel alive…  Even if the message stirs just one fleeting positive emotion, then mission accomplished.

Why would anyone want to read my ramblings?

There are people who think like me.  There are people in the exact same walk of life as I am, or people who are polar opposite who I believe can and will benefit from what I have to share. I have a voice for a reason, as do you.   I have inspiration for a reason, as do you.  I have curiosity for a reason, as do you. It is a disservice to bury that voice, inspiration, and curiosity in an avalanche of self-doubt and insecurity.

Who am I writing this for?

Dear friend, I am writing this for you.  I want to see you grow and thrive and enjoy your life.  But have no doubt that I am writing this just as much for myself.  Whether or not this develops beyond anything more than online journal, I will know I poured my heart and soul into something I feel passionate and strong about. That is worth every effort.  I make this point to challenge you to do the same.  In the book The Big Magic, Elizbeth Gilbert talks about (forgive me for paraphrasing) whether you succeed or fail, it is imperative to pursue your creativity because it is a gift given to you.  So that you can find fulfillment.  That is what I challenge you to do in any capacity you see fit.

So…Here I am.  Send me.

8 thoughts on “Blogging and Finding My Why”

  1. Very insightful reading my friend. You have such a beautiful soul, thanks for allowing me to look inside your head for 10 mins.

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed reading my blog! Thank you for such kind words, they really touched my heart. I’ll share this crazy mind with you whenever you please 🙂

  2. We share a lot of the same passions, including writing, so I’m excited for you on this new blog!
    I agree, there really is no unchartered territory yet our own experience and sharing about it is what changes the story.
    Looking forward to many more posts!!

    1. Thanks Kim! I know we’ve shared a lot of our interests and passions. You’ve always been so quick to encourage my writing, I really appreciate the support.

  3. Thank you for sharing. I am so excited and happy for you! I am looking forward to reading more as I feel like we are in similar seasons. Congratulations on taking the leap!

    1. Your support means so much to me Melanie! I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed what I’ve shared so far. One of my biggest goals in this endeavor is to connect with likeminded people, I’m so thankful this resonates with you!

  4. I love it Jen!! Continue to follow what fuels your soul! I am excited to get to be a part of your journey!

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