Introducing Roots and Ember

Why would someone choose to intertwine roots and embers?  How can roots and ember represent a personality or a blog?   Let me explain…

Roots: the essential core.  Close relationship with an environment.

Rooted: establish deeply and firmly

Ember: a small piece of wood or coal that is burning without a flame, it remains after or preceding a flame.

How can an ember take root?  An ember pulsates and burns.  It will either flare into a flame or dissipate into the smoky atmosphere.  An ember alone doesn’t have the potential to destroy roots.  In my opinion if those roots reach deep enough if they are sustained by the earth, I think they’ll remain strong even with embers burning above. In that scenario, I don’t think the embers can do anything but regenerate life by encouraging renewed growth.

My reality encompasses both.  I am rooted deep within my home, my family, my network of friends, my values.  I may have moments of laziness, a fickle spirit at times, but it’s always consistent.  I always stay my course and give all that I am to the people and things I value.  While my interests, attitudes, and hobbies are ever evolving; my truest self…at the core, always remains intact.

Beyond my core, the other true side of me is a dreamer.  One who is always seeking to learn and develop.  I want to see more, be more, do more, give more, love more, live this sacred whirlwind life with passion and fury and zest.

There are embers in my existence that have already ignited into flames.  There are embers in my life that have burned out.  The one that will never burn out is the desire within me to seek adventure, creativity, and love.  The desire to continuously challenge myself to learn something new or comprehend something old at a deeper level.

That is who I am.  A glowing ember with roots that wants to share the spark of curiosity and savor life with any and all who want to journey this path hand in hand.  So, thank you for reading, for loaning a moment of your valued time.  I pray this develops into a strongly woven friendship.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the thinking behind choosing the name of your blog. It is fascinating to me to know the kind of long-term considerations that have to take place to find a name that suits your personality and your aims. ?

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